Session Seven

Production Company

Session Seven is a full service production company and we love every step of the process! So whether you’re looking for help somewhere in the middle of your journey or the whole shebang, we’ve got you covered.

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Studio Rentals

Session Seven Studios houses three creative spaces for any budget. Our options include a spacious studio complete with cyclorama wall ideal for high end photography and video productions, an enclosed self-serving studio equipped with 12 foot paper rolls and an additional space equipped with a green screen for those more imaginative projects.


We listen to your goals, asses the media in your market and then deliver ideas to place your name well above the industry standard.

Art Direction

We work under incorrect but highly motivating assumption that all of our work could be up for an Oscar nomination. As a result, we create moving storyboards to hone ideas and tone BEFORE production. No matter what the content, our art direction ensure that it will be a pleasure for your audience to digest.


We have several camera systems in house, including RED, Sony, 360, and DJI. Whatever system is appropriate for the end use of your media, you can be sure we have the equipment and technological know-how to exceed expectations.

Visual Effects

Looking for a VFX supervisor? Render no further. We are experts in camera systems and Adobe After Effects, so we can smooth out on-set problems before they grow into post-production nightmares. Need retouching in motion? No worries, we all do - and we can.

Deliverable Mastering

We know how codecs and bit rates work, so you don't have to.  We can help you out if your final video is set to play on Neflix or be mastered to a DVD... we could even put in on a VHS if that is something you were into.